ACC Dental Injuries

If you have incurred an injury to your teeth/mouth you will need to make an appointment to see your dental surgeon. Before your appointment you will be asked to fill in an ACC42, to record your injury.

Dental injuries must be from an "external force" anything to do with eating is not covered by ACC. In most cases patients will require an up to date exam and bitewing xrays so we can record their dental health status and history before doing an ACC claim. ACC requires this information before accepting claims.

If our dentist notes any decay or untreated dental problems on the teeth affected, then ACC may turn down the claim.

Please note that ACC requires a "clean, caries free mouth and good oral hygiene and health of the patient" before accepting claims for crown and bridge work and implants.

ACC does not usually cover 100% of the cost of treatment and part charges may apply, your dentist will give you an estimate of all private part charges that may apply.

A prior approval to ACC may need to be sent in prior to any treatment.

If you have had a previous ACC claim we will ask for an ACC number and details of the accident.

Contact us to discuss your ACC claim.
ACC dental injury

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